Thursday, 15 October 2015

20 Reasons why I Love Autumn!

Hi everyone it's Chloe, it's Thursday today so that means another blog post! Just in case you didn't know i will be updating my blog every Tuesdays and Thursdays! Okay so, because on Tuesday i did the "20 Facts About Me Tag!" I thought i would do 20 reasons why I love autumn, the reason why  thought  would do this is because autumn is one of my favorite seasons along with winter. So i thought this tag would be the best way to express why I love autumn so much, would be in this tag! Enjoy!

20 Reasons Why I Love Autumn!

1) Layering my clothes is my favorite thing to do, so i'm all wrapped up and warm for when I go outside.
2) Drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream, flake and mini marshmallows on top.
3) Watching box sets and films on Netflix with my mum and family (My favorite box sets to watch on Netflix are Pretty little liars, Once upon a time, gossip girl and The Vampire Diaries)
4) More home cooked dinners like casseroles and home made soups..etc
5) Baggy Jumpers.
6) When you see colorful leaves fall from the trees.
7) That extra hour in bed when the clocks go back
8) Halloween
9) Bonfire night
10) Blankets
11) Spending time with the family more because when its autumn you don't feel the need to spend loads of time outside like you do in the summer.
12) The nice brisk/cold air you get when you walk outside at anytime of the day.
13) When mum starts lighting the candles in the evening.
14) When you get all cosy underneath a blanket and you see the flames of the candles in your living room.
15) When you can finally starts wearing gloves and scarfs.
16) Actually being excited for rainy days and foggy/misty mornings,
17) Pumpkin carving with you family or friends.
18) The trees start to look pretty.
19) X - Factor comes on the TV and you know that i'm a celebrity isn't that far behind!
20) Knowing that winter and Christmas are just around the corner!!!!

See you on Tuesday!




  1. Number five is my fave - wearing a massively baggy jumper right now, so cosy! These are basically all the reasons I love Autumn too!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Number 5 is mine too, pretty much live them most of the time when it comes to this time of the year!! lol :)

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